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Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the things we do best…

Clean Pros only uses state of the art truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment to clean and maintain the carpet in your home or office. Clean Pros only cleans carpet with Hot Steam which breaks down the static barrier and allows for proper soil extraction without soapy residue, by eliminating that “magnetic” attraction that carpet fibers have to soil particles. We clean and restore your carpet’s natural pH balance so we do not leave behind any residue.

Carpet Cleaning has 5 elements needed to clean the carpet properly. Heat, Detergent, Agitation, Dwell Time, and Rinsing. When one element is not sufficient, you have to increase another element to compensate and get the carpet clean. For example, to compensate for a lack of heat, more detergents would be used. Have you ever had your carpets cleaned only to get dirty spots a week or two later?? This was because too much chemical was used and it left a residue because the unit lacked the proper cleaning temperature. Our process will not leave that soapy residue leaving your carpets fresh, soft and they won’t get those dirty spots a week after we leave.

Most of the world’s carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning or Hot Water Extraction to clean their carpets… which is what we do best!

We are pet stain and odor removal experts and pride ourselves on all of the yellow stains we can remove in most cases. Your carpet will look better and in most cases, the odor will be taken care of. Sometimes the odor removal requires some light repairs, but we are happy to give you an estimate.

We make the cleaning process simple.  
1. Read below and determine what the best cleaning option is for you.
2. Click on the “Schedule Now” button and fill out the appropriate information.
3. We will see you at your confirmed day/time of appointment.
4. We will walk you through the process of what we are about to do. Discuss anything that you have questions about.
5. We will get to work to get the cleanest clean possible. 
6. When we are finished, we will leave you with some liteature to help explain what we did and help you remember how to maintain your carpets effectively. 
7. We will collect payment via cash, check or credit card. 
8. You leave us a 5* review. 

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Choose your plan

Pick what plan works best for you and we are happy to mix and match per each area. 



per area

  • Inspect
  • Pre-Spray
  • Steam Clean
  • Rinse


per area

  • Inspect
  • Pre-Vacuum
  • Pre-Spray
  • Agitate
  • Topical Spray
  • Steam Clean
  • Rinse


No matter what package you choose for your home, we will do our best to ensure we have provided a quality job without exception. 


With our mechanical agitation, we take the pre-spray from the top of the carpet fibers to the bottom to ensure a thorough clean. 

Steam Clean

Our water is 230 degrees. That is why we call it hot water extraction. This method is the best solution to clean your carpets. 


We can take care of your pet odors or other odors you may have in your home with our special treatments just for your house.

Carpet Protector

Keep your carpets cleaner. Have our protector applied and it will make sure those organic stains come out much easier.


Call us today to get your carpets professional steamed clean. You can watch this quick video on our process and stay tuned to the end where it shows what we ask of you to do before we arrive to clean your carpets.